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2011 Regional Conferences

Attendees watching a presentation at the 2010 Regional Conference

The regional conferences are a series of all-day trainings addressing topics pertinent to the local teams of the Through the Eyes of the Child Initiative. This year's conferences brought together national and local speakers on a wide variety of topics, including:

Substance Abuse Issues

  • Results from a review of randomly selected child welfare cases that opened in 2009 was presented that suggest opportunities to improve outcomes for Nebraska's substance abusing child welfare parents.  Barriers, potential solutions and evidence-based best practices for developing a more effective system were discussed.

Domestic Violence

  • This presentation began building skills for participants around recognizing domestic violence in child welfare cases.  The presentation discussed basic information regarding the dynamics of domestic violence and the characteristics of batterers.  Specific information was presented on the prevalence of domestic violence in child welfare, the impact on children, and promising practices in addressing domestic violence through the child welfare system. 

Child Sexual Behaviors

  • Sexual development begins in infancy and children demonstrate a range of sexual behavior. Children can also demonstrate problematic sexual behavior and it can be challenging to distinguish typical from problematic sexual behavior.  The workshop provided an overview typical sexual development and guidelines for identifying sexual behavior problems (SBP).  There are common myths about children with SBP.  This presentation addresses the research that dispels these myths and provide an overview of qualities evidence based services for these youths.  Information about an OJJDP funded program designed for these families in Nebraska will be briefly discussed.

Other presentations will focus on: Legislative and caselaw updates, Federal Fostering Connections requirements, Case Progression data, and local team updates.

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These live trainings were held in Sidney on September 8, Lexington on September 9, Norfolk on September 22 and Ashland on September 23.

2010 Regional Conference attendees watching a speaker