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Pre-Hearing Conference Study

The Pre-Hearing Conference prior to the Protective Custody Hearing has been implemented by a majority of teams across Nebraska with the intent to facilitate early information-sharing and problem-solving among the parties. Typically, all parties except the judge attend the Pre-Hearing Conference and topics include placement, parenting time, application of the Indian Child Welfare Act, and identification and provision of needs and services. Having this facilitated discussion early in the case may increase (1) the flow of important information between the parties, (2) the front-loading of needed services, and (3) the parents' perceptions of being heard and involved in the process.

The goal of the Pre-Hearing Conference Study was to document the case progression timelines of cases involving Pre-Hearing Conferences and excluding Pre-Hearing Conferences to determine whether cases with Pre-Hearing Conferences move faster to permanency than ones without.

The following counties were involved in the study Adams, Clay, Dawson, Fillmore, Madison, Nuckolls, Seward, Webster and Scottsbluff.

For more information on Pre-Hearing Conferences and other types of ADR/facilitation, please go to ADR/Mediation in Abuse/Neglect or contact Kelli Hauptman.

View a Pre-Hearing Conference power point presentation including Scottsbluff.
View a Pre-Hearing Conference power point presentation not including Scottsbluff.

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