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Archive for 1999

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In re Interest of Kantril P. and Chenelle P.

Friday, August 13th, 1999

Filed on August 13, 1999
257 Neb. 450, 598 N.W.2d 729
SUMMARY: It is not unconstitutional for the guardian ad litem to perform both the investigatory duties of a guardian ad litem and bring and try a motion to terminate parental rights as authorized in Neb. Rev. Stat. section 43-272.01(2). As a ground for termination under [...]

In re Interest of Joshua, et al.

Friday, April 2nd, 1999

Filed on April 2, 1999
256 Neb. 596, 591 N.W.2d 557
SUMMARY: A prior adjudication is not required for the termination of parental rights brought under Neb Rev. Stat. section 43-292(1) through (5). 
Joshua, then age 9, was voluntarily placed in foster care in April 1995 while the mother, Mitzi, was incarcerated. Joshua was adjudicated under [...]